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Metal roofs have many appealing qualities, including durability, fire-resistance, superior reflection of the sun's rays, and speed of installation. They are also easy to maintain and are surprisingly lightweight. As homeowners and business owners discover the many benefits of metal roofs, their popularity continues to grow.

Metal roofing is very versatile, and today metal roofs are used for everything from colorful canopies on hotels and fast food franchises, to distinctive panels and fanciful architecture on factories and corporate headquarters.

Metal's versatility shines when a specific look is desired, without the related maintenance. For example, metal can realistically replicate Spanish tile, wood shakes, shingles or slate. Metal is also a great choice for roofs with steep slopes.

Not only are they highly energy efficient, but metal roofs are also composed of up to 65% recyclable material, making them environmentally friendly.

All our metal roofs are a thick, 24 gauge metal and are coated with Kynar-a PVDF resin finish that protects the roof against paint fading and other wear-and-tear from the elements for longer than other standard coatings. Metal shingles also feature a Kynar finish and are made of a 26 gauge metal.

Billy White Roofing installs metal roofs: a high-tech solution to meet the need for an attractive, durable, fire-resistant and lightweight roof.